Here Is what we found in our warehouse today. 


 Monessen DLX 24"Aged Split Oak

  • Vent Free Gas Logs 
  • Natural Gas
  • Manual Control
      New, Factory boxed and full warranty.

      We hate to see this Log go out of production.  We found this log to be one of the best received most trouble free - cleanest burning logs we have ever seen.  Customers liked the traditional stack log look and realistic looking glowing front log.  We have a few of these left in the warehouse and are not displaying in our showroom this year so this will be the only outlet for the remaining stock.  Remember even thought  the DLX is out of production it still carries the full factory supported warranty.

      Monessen's classic 5-log  ceramic fiber Aged Split Oak  log set incorporates high radiant heat output along with natural yellow lapping flames.  The spectacular glowing front logs actually deliver more radiated heat into the room so that the fire not only looks real, but feels real as well. 

        If you are looking for a clean maintenance free Log this is the best we found.  We have replaced many of the now popular loose media ember bed burners with this model to eliminate objectionable odors that other logs produce.

        This Manual control configurations make the DLX burner a sensible choice when looking for an attractive, functional yet inexpensive supplemental heating source that can be operated by the integral control on the front of the burner.  Unique to this manual control burner is its ability to sellect two heat settings.  On high heat both the front and back burners are operational giving maximum heating with both glowing front log and leaping yellow flames.  On low heat setting the yellow flames are turned off and  the glowing front radiant logs give the appearance of a mature glowing log fire. The high efficiency burner requires no outside venting, so all the heat stays in your home. This creates comfortable heat for only pennies an hour.  And since vent-free appliances do not require electricity to operate, they are an excellent heat source during power outages.  Vent-free gas appliances are environmentally clean, safe and operate within industry indoor air quality standards as well as being design certified by the American Gas Association.    Our retail customers marveled at the realistic front glowing log and radiant heat that projects clear across the room. 

       We will provide links to literature and Installation Manuals below.  You will need to study your application and decide if you can use this Log.  Some areas of the country still prohibit the use of vent free appliances.  Vent Free appliances are not to be installed in sleeping areas. Carbon Monoxide detectors should be installed. We can't be responsible for your selection.  We have included a second picture to show you how this log actually looks in our showroom.  The Cast Iron Fender is not included in this auction.  Please specify whether you will need  A Propane or Natural Gas Model.

       Note we will be listing other DLX logs in 18" 24" and 28" with remote ready and thermostat controls in other auctions watch for them if you are interested in other options.


This Manual control log has the unique feature with its front log only burner when on low heat giving an unprecedented mature fire look as well as a  lower heat output than most vent - free logs on low. See below

Finally here is a video of the log burning in our showroom


We have included the picture below to show how good this log looks in our showroom even when a professional photographer is not taking the picture. Same burner with  21" Cast Iron Fender may be added to your order for an additional $ 39.00 includes the additional shipping at time of log purchase.


Monessen DLX Aged Split Oak Vent Free Gas Log Specifications
See vent-free log brochure PDF file              See installation manual PDF file