Slope Glaze Burner System /Remote Flame Control













P & N  Millivolt or flame remote 
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  17.5 - 25 
  22 - 32
  25 - 36
  26 - 38

    Realistic Flames, Unbelievable Comfort     Empire Comfort Systems makes it easy to add warmth, beauty  and comfort to your fire place with their vent - Free gas logs.  Their patent - pending Systems and lifelike logs are designed to create a more natural and realistic effect.  The System's burner incorporates a glaze material that produces tall dancing flames that leap from a bed of glowing embers.  Offering durability and flame appeal for both natural and propane applications, you'll find these. vent - free logs simply unbelievable

The Slope Glaze Burner System, the next generation in comfort, features a charred oak log set and the tallest most lively flames available.

The VFSV models have incorporated a remote control system , included, that will not only stop and start the flame with the hand held remote control , but will also turn the flame up and down.

The VFSR models are millivolt powered  so they can  be operated ( on - off )  by remote switch, thermostat, or hand held remote control.