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(Cast iron coal baskets for those classic coal burning fireplaces)


Gas Coal Baskets from the GasLogPro


The ultimate Fireplace Experience is to preserve that authentic late Nineteenth Century period look of your coal burning fireplace with this simple but elegant reproduction Gas burning Coal Grate. Consideration must be given to the surrounding material used to face the opening of the fireplace. Visit us in Winston Salem, near Old Town, Clemmons, King, Greensboro, Highpoint, North Carolina



Natural Gas Vent-Free Displayed in Original Coal Burning Fireplace


The Solution for warming up that old Victorian Cast Front Fireplace that has been cold and uninviting since the days of Coal burning or for that period look. Models available for bedrooms.  This remarkable product utilizes the most advanced Vent Free engineering to duplicate the look of the original burning coal basket while offering the convenience of remote control and the safety and reliability of  the proven ODS safety pilot system. Available for propane or natural Gas. Minimum required firebox size is 22"Wide, 10" Deep and 20" high. Other requirements must be considered. Models available for Bedrooms.



Propane Vent-Free model displayed in New Vent-Free Firebox ( New Construction )