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 Vent Free Gas Logs

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Choose the Dual Yellow Flame logs from Monessen for the most realistic log design and heat flexibility in vent-free gas log heaters.  Monessen's new gas logs offer you the realism of tall yellow dancing flames like were only seen on vented gas logs previously. The life-like log design will make you think you're watching the real thing.

Because they are vent-free, gas logs provide exceptional warmth and comfort . They don't use electricity so they serve as an excellent source of heat even when the power goes off!

Yellow Flame logs are an excellent choose for bright locations and day time  fires as they are visually more spectacular  and attractive in high light levels.

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Monessen DLX Aged Split Oak Vent Free Gas Log Specifications
Model Size Gas type Control Type Btu capacity Specifications
24" or 28"
P & N Manual  Thermostat or Millivolt  18 -24
20 - 36
See vent-free log brochure PDF file              See installation manual PDF file

Minimum mantel height requirement for indicated projection. Note heat resistant material ( not wood )

Minimum Fireplace Hearth Dimensions and required clearance to adjacent wall and ceiling.

Minimum clearances to combustible floor in front of fireplace.

Minimum fireplace depth as required if restriction is placed in front of gas logs.