Universal Model EVB36

When a home is your canvas, why not strive for a masterpiece?  With Martin Gas hearth and heating products, the endless possibilities paint a picture of warmth and ambiance as far as the mind can imagine.  You must see this firebox to fully appreciate its real fireplace look.  With its heavy cast firebrick factory installed liner and its cleverly designed circulation venting that is nearly invisible,  your guests will simply believe it is a conventional masonry fireplace. 

This 36" wide firebox is designed to save space while still accommodating up to a 24" log for a full flame appearance where installation space is minimal. The firebox displays black facing, louvers, canopy, and a standard refractory liner to showcase the fire inside. Zero clearance design allows installation next to wood, sheet rock or other construction materials. Double wall, heat circulating design and venting automatically distribute fireplace heat. Optional FK2 Blower may be added for rapid heat circulation. A raised hearth and marble or tile surround may be added to create a custom look. U.L. listed for safety ad designed for use with Reality 18 " and 24" vent-free gas logs or any vent - free gas log meeting the clearance specifications.











            Minimum Sidewall  Clearance Requirements








                                Firebox Installation Configurations





















                                      Framing Dimensions











                                Minimum Floor Clearances




















                   Minimum Mantel Clearances / Standard Hood









                    Minimum Mantel Clearances / Extender Hood




















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